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The Columbia-Savin Hill area may have a claim to the “oldest continuous neighborhood” in the United States. Stretching from Freeport Street to Morrissey Blvd and Hancock Street  to Columbia Rd . This neighborhood has been inhabited for centuries.  From the days when the Neponset Indians spent summers in residence upon the hill and through the ups and downs of industry and expansion straight to the tech savvy present, community has been a strong part of this neighborhood and enables us to continue to grow and improve.

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The Columbia-Savin Hill Area History Resources
Dorchester Historical Society

The Dorchester Historical Society celebrates four centuries of Dorchester life through its collections and programs. The Society has a substantial volunteer infrastructure that maintains its activities and has done so for over a hundred years. It presents regular monthly programs and publishes monographs relating to Dorchester history. The Society owns and cares for three historic houses dating from 1661, 1765 and 1806. The Society has collections of written and printed materials relating to Dorchester history as well as collections of artwork and other objects that relate to Dorchester.

Dorchester Antheum

The Dorchester Atheneum website is devoted to the history of Dorchester, Massachusetts. The Dorchester Atheneum was previously a private library for the residents of Dorchester.  It existed for a short time in the 19th century, and its name is used for this website about Dorchester and its past. The site contains many photos and articles pertaining to Dorchester history.

Savin Hill Yacht Club

In the early summer of 1875 the Savin Hill Beach Association came into being. This site provides a good history of the yacht club through it’s century plus history.

Dorchester Yacht Club
Old Colony Yacht Club
Savin Hill Wiki Page