Agenda: Tonight’s Eboard And Planning Meeting

The agenda for this evening’s Eboard and Planning meeting:

Eboard & Planning Meeting: February 13, 2018
Eboard Agenda- Starts at 6:30 pm

  • Chili Cookoff: Need 3 volunteers to assist with chili (March 11)
  • State Senate Candidates Night: Dorchester Civic Organizing ( date & time pending). Primary: April 3; Election: May
  • One Boston Day: Sierra Rothberg needs to confirm if we want to participate and identify Ryans Playground and Savin Hill Park as cleanup site. Need a leadership volunteer. Date of cleanup is April 14 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, followed by a community celebration event from 12:30 – 3:00 pm at Fields Corner
  • State Police/ Dan Hunt / Mass Dot help for pedestrian traffic at Morrissey and Umass and Columbia Road at the on/off ramps at 93
  • IAG meeting for former Globe Site on February 26 at 6:30 pm at B.C. High. Comment period ends March 12, 2018

Planning – Starts at 7:00 pm

DISCUSSION ONLY (no presentation):

  • Van Sha Bu: Karen Diep will discuss at membership meeting changes including selling hard liquor license
  • Auckland Street: Ordinance Request for Paving yards
  • 50 Clapp Street: Medical Marijuana ZBA date… submitting a letter?
  • 12 Carson Street: Abutters meeting reschedule… ZBA date February 27

341 – 343 Savin Hill Ave: Anthony Kinahan will present plans for a conversion of a 2-family to 3-family. Refusal letter violations include:

  • Offstreet parking insufficient
  • Parcel not zoned for 3
  • FAR and Height Excessive

12 Carson Street Abutters Meeting Rescheduled

The 12 Carson Street formal abutters meeting has been moved to Monday, October 30 at 6:00 pm. Residents living within 300 feet of the property should receive flyers about the upcoming meeting, according to an e-mail from David Cotter, the Dorchester Liaison in the Boston Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (City Hall Room 805; phone 617-635-4819).

The proposed development is to convert an existing single-family home into two or three units.

Problem/Target Properties in Columbia-Savin Hill

The Columbia Savin Hill Civic Association (CSHCA) looks for properties in our neighborhood that are unsafe, unattractive, under-utilized, or has problems in other ways. We ask you to help us identify such properties and, if you’re willing, help us deal with them.

Please join us to help develop strategies to address each problem property or send an e-mail that identifies properties you’re not happy about. Address the e-mail to our Planning Committee chair, Eileen Fenton.

There are two major reasons to do this. The first reason is, simply, that we want to live in a quality neighborhood. While the vast numbers of parcels in the CSHCA area are nice, we do have some problem properties. We believe that the civic association can help improve these.

The second reason is that there are resources out there that could help if property owners were aware of them. The City of Boston has programs to help both home owners and business owners. Very often, many owners know nothing about them.

Additionally, the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (DBEDC), a non-profit development company started by CSHCA members in 1978, offers both grants and loans to eligible residents. The grants range from $15,000 for a single family to $30,000 for a three family. These grants (that means free money!) are restricted to homeowners with household incomes less than $62,000. DBEDC has below market rate loans for higher income households and businesses. Again, most property owners don’t know about these resources.

The Planning Committee does not intend to be nasty, aggressive or strident in dealing with property owners. Our intention is to help property owners access resources necessary to improve their properties. Having the civic association actively supporting the property owner will help the owner. An owner that improves his/her property helps the neighborhood.

Please send us your problem sites and consider joining the committee to work on them.