Glover’s Corner Development: An Opportunity

At the December 4th General Meeting, a representative from the Glover’s Corner development project distributed a flyer, which read in part:

“PLAN: Glover’s Corner is an opportunity for the community and the City of Boston to think strategically about the future of Glover’s Corner.”

The area under study is huge, covering about 86 acres. Current land usage includes commercial (41%), residential (25%), industrial (17%), public/tax-exempt (14%), and mixed-use (2%). See the map below.

Visioning workshops held on May 18 and June 28, 2017 identified several neighborhood strengths (“cultural and economic diversity; close to Red Line transit; cross-roads of Dorchester; culturally diverse restaurants and local services”) and weaknesses (“lack of trees, green spaces, and places to gather; unsafe and hard to walk and bike; traffic and congestion; lack of access to certain services and amenities”). The workshop sessions also identified the highest priorities for the project:

    1. “Create housing for a range of incomes
    2. Plan for a climate-change resilient neighborhood”

Other top priorities identified:

  • “Create safe, walkable bike-friendly streets
  • Preserve and grow quality jobs
  • Improve transit options and connections
  • Provide support for local businesses
  • Support cultural diversity of the neighborhood
  • Create an active people-centric district through development”

To learn more, visit the Glover’s Corner Project at the Boston Planning & Development Agency site, and/or read the October 25, 2017 Land Use Workshop Presentation. A copy of the presentation is also available here (Adobe PDF; 11 MB).

Glovers corner boundaries. Boston Planning and Development Agency.

Monday, September 14 – General Membership Meeting

Welcome Back!

General Meeting—Monday, September 14th, 2015


Eversource Energy Company
John Hoey
John has been invited to help explain the confusion around all the new companies that are knocking doors selling energy usage packages in the neighborhood.

Mayor Martin J Walsh’s New Neighborhood Liaison

David Cotter


New Committees

1) CSHCA Master Plan for development

2) Merchant members

Exciting Committees

3) Beautification Committee
Meeting Thursday, September 17th at 7:00Pm at Elizabeth Doyle’s house , Southview Street.

4) Planning Committee
Chair : Eileen Fenton

Agenda Items

a) 4 Sumner Street
Proposal to legalize existing 3 family
Wayne Canto

b) 201 Savin Hill Avenue
Renovate the home with construction of decks
Michael Taubenberger &
Kristen McCormack

c) DotBlock – Hancock Street/Dorchester Avenue/Pleasant Street
Update on proposal for mixed use commercial and residental development