Minutes: October 2017 General Membership Meeting

Meeting minutes of the October 2nd general membership meeting:

  • Meeting called to order
  • Police report
  • Boy Scouts
  • Councilor Annissa Essaibi George spoke about her experience as a teacher and how she has been able to help children who are homeless. She expressed a desire to create more family shelters and housing in general. She talked about the homeless population and the lack of traditional services for these families who lack of family shelters. She also mentioned the importance of stability and jobs. She emphasized the need for a new city law that would require pharmacies to safely dispose of needles brought in from off the street. Finally, she talked about the need for more local recovery programs to keep addicts close to their support networks like friends and family.
  • Discussion with elected officials concerning neighborhood issues like parking, traffic and the new construction at UMass Boston.
  • Discussion about the multifamily complex apartments pros and cons. (Parking space was one of the biggest issues for some neighbors while others support it because of the affordable housing).
  • Discussion about the traffic residents’ concerns on Morrissey Boulevard. Because this road is a key connector providing access to important open spaces and recreational areas, local institutions, residents, and businesses neighbors expressed concerns and disagreement because of safety issues and heavy traffic.
  • Meeting adjourned.