Local Rite Aid Store Now Part Of Walgreens Chain

Walgreens storres logoSome area residents have received letters via postal mail from the Walgreens store chain about changes at a local store:

“… We’d like to inform you that your neighborhood Rite Aid store at 1100 Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester is now part of Walgreens. Over the next two years we’ll be converting stores owned by Walgreens and installing new systems. In the meantime you’ll continue to earn wellness+ and Plenti points, and you’ll receive the same great service from the same trusted pharmacy staff.

The first change you’ll notice is that your store now has a Walgreens pharmacy, and we accept most insurance plans. Please call 617-282-3069 or stop by to fill your next prescription. Our website and app will be unable to process prescriptions at this store during the transition, but we’ll be happy to assist you.

It’s important to us that you always receive attentive service and get your questions answered. In an effort to ensure your care is continued and coordinate any upcoming prescription needs, Walgrees may call you. If you prefer not to be contacted, please call 866-312-8654.

Our team looks forward to continuing to serve you and your pharmacy needs.

Your Rite Aid Pharmacy Team”

The letter did not include a date nor name a specific person within Walgreens. According to a pamphlet enclosed with the letter, the signage and “store transition is expected to take up to three years.”  The pamphlet also provides answers to common questions about the transition.

Rite Aid has sold about half of its stores. Forbes magazine reported last week that Rite Aid is restructuring itself to profitability and has:

“… transferred 625 of its stores to Walgreens Boots Alliance as part of a larger deal with the nation’s largest pharmacy chain. In all, Walgreens will over the next few months buy 1,932 stores and three distribution centers from Rite Aid for nearly $4.4 billion in cash. Rite Aid Monday said it has received $1.3 billion in cash… Before agreeing last September to buy 1,932 Rite Aids, Walgreens spent almost two years trying to buy all of Rite Aid before antitrust scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission that ultimately led to the deal’s undoing. As a smaller pharmacy chain, Rite Aid is focusing on eight states largely on the East and West Coasts…”

Boston Boomerang Bags Event This Weekend

Boomerang bags logoAnother Boston Boomerang Bags event is scheduled this weekend at the Stitch House on January 20th and 21st from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The event is to assemble more reusable bags as part of the local bag-share program. Mayor Walsh signed legislation in December banning single-use plastic bags.

According to the event announcement on Facebook:

“On the anniversary weekend of the Women’s March, this sew-a-thon will double as a “Resistitch” event. Creating bags helps our planet, AND, we’ll have opportunities to write postcards to elected officials, find ways to support progressives in the mid-term elections…”

Learn more at the Boomerang Bags website.

Winter Farmer’s Market Opens January 27

Looking for fresh, local produce? The Dorchester Winter Farmer’s Market, sponsored by Codman Square Neighborhood Council and the Codman Square Health Center, will operate Saturdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, beginning January 27th at The Great Hall in Codman Square (6 Norfolk Street). According to The Dorchester Reporter:

“The market launched in 2008 as the Codman Square Farmers Market and re-invented itself as the Dorchester Winter Farmers Market in 2012. There is no admission price and all are welcome… The vendors involved in this year’s market include Oakdale Farms, Farmer Dave’s, Moonlight Farms, Stonycreek Farms, Mycoterra, and City Compost. The remaining vendors are still being finalized…”

For more information, visit the Do Winter Farmer’s Market Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

Investigation Into Crime Ring Discovers Dozens Of Stolen Amazon Packages

Have you had packages stolen from your front porch? Local law enforcement may have found yours. Maura Healey, the Massachusetts Attorney General, announced earlier today (bold emphasis added):

“In connection with an extensive investigation into a criminal organization engaged in restaurant break-ins and property theft, state, Boston and local law enforcement have uncovered dozens of stolen Amazon packages and will return them today to ensure that they get back to shoppers before the weekend, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today.

This week, four individuals were arrested and arraigned in connection with a series of break-ins at restaurants in Quincy and Taunton, allegedly smashing cash boxes and forcibly ripping away safes. During the investigation, authorities uncovered dozens of stolen Amazon packages at one of the suspect’s homes… ason Geddes, 29, of Boston and Dharol Joyner, 33, of Boston, were arraigned yesterday in Quincy District Court in connection with a break-in and theft from a Wendy’s restaurant in Quincy on Dec. 14… While searching Joyner’s home, investigators uncovered dozens of unopened Amazon packages and boxes addressed to customers in Greater Boston. Investigators believe that Joyner stole these packages while working a part-time job as a delivery contractor…”

Investigations are still ongoing. Kudos to the Boston Police Department, Brookline Police Department, and the Massachusetts State Police.

Mayor Walsh Signs Plastic Bag Legislation

On Sunday, Mayor Martin Walsh signed legislation banning the usage of single-use plastic bags in Boston. The Boston Globe reported:

“Boston joins 59 other municipalities statewide and hundreds across the nation, including Seattle and Washington, D.C., in adopting a ban. It takes effect next December, giving stores and shoppers time to prepare… Walsh’s decision ends more than a year of debate over whether to eliminate disposable shopping bags and steer businesses and consumers toward reusable ones. The goal, supporters say, is to reduce litter and cut the amount of plastic in the environment. Opponents included representatives of the paper and plastic industries as well as critics who say the measure will amount to a tax on the poor. “

Some Boston residents and CSHCA members are participating in a local bag-share program to provide Boston residents with reusable bags.

Christmas Decorations Sale on Saturday!

Joe Costa invites CSHCA members and neighbors to a Christmas Decorations Sale on Saturday, December 16 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at One Maryland Street. Available items include Christmas decorations, ornaments, wreaths, table linens, and china. Quality items at low, affordable prices! Cash sales only.

Update: South Bay Construction Schedule

What’s happening with the South Bay retail center? Below is a construction schedule update dated December 5, 2017 from Keith Hague, Vice President of Construction & Development, at EDENS (21 Custom House Street, Suite 450, Boston, MA 02110. Phone: 617.369.6609). Interested residents can read about the South Bay retail center at the Edens site, and/or follow Edens on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


December, 2017:

  • First retail tenant openings
    • Ulta: Now open
    • AMC: December 15th Star Wars release. Get your tickets online now! Theatre may open a few days prior
    • Nike: December 8th
    • Loft Outlet: December 8th
    • Starbucks: TBD
  • Boston Street & West Howell Street: Underground utilities complete
  • Enterprise Street (Lucy St. to Mass Ave): Complete

Spring 2018:

  • Start remaining off-site roadway improvements (W. Howell, Jan Karski Way to District Ave, Connector Road between Hotel and Scrub a Dub.)

Summer 2018:

  • Residential Building D and ground floor retail tenant openings
  • Complete off site roadway improvements (W. Howell, Jan Karski Way to District Ave, Connector Road between Hotel and Scrub-a-Dub.)

Fall 2018:

  • Residential Building C and ground floor retail tenant openings
  • Start construction of Hotel E Building
  • Completion of Jan Karski Way improvements from District Ave to Enterprise Street
  • Completion of Enterprise improvements from Jan Karski Way to Lucy Street

Summer 2019:

  • Completion of Hotel E Building

Tenant Announcements

  • JP Licks, Carter’s, Forever 21 Red, MidiCi (Neapolitan pizza), Wahlburgers, Gyu-Kaku (Japanese BBQ), Title Boxing & Chipotle
  • Buildings A & B: Four remaining tenant spaces still to be announced
  • Buildings C&D: Six remaining tenant spaces still to be announced

Bag-Share Program Coming To Boston

Boomerang bags logoThe Boomerang Bags Boston Sew-a-thon event will start on November 18!

Sierra Rothberg invites interested persons to participate and help spread the word. The goals are to assemble at least 250 reusable handmade bags this weekend and 1,000 bags before the New Year.

Why reusable handmade bags? Many local residents see a bag-share program as an important solution to fight pollution. The event page explains:

“The City of Boston has been debating banning single use plastic bags for over a year. Meanwhile, the streets of Boston as well as harbor, rivers, and streams drown in the 219 MILLION BAGS that are used in BOSTON each year! Only a small percentage of plastic bags used every year are recycled. One of the big concerns heard from opposition is that a bag ban would negatively affect low income residents as well as senior citizens.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Regardless of how the City votes on passing an ordinance, habits and practices need to change. We are launching the first BAG SHARE in Boston this Spring. The idea is that fabric, resources, space, time and people-power will be donated to create reusable cloth bags. These bags will be displayed at stores and people can take one from the box, use one or more and return it.”

A variety of activities are underway. To learn more about ways to participate, visit the local Dorchester event page, or visit the Boomerang Bags website.

What Consumers Need To Know About Home Improvement Contracts

Considering a repair or remodeling project for your home or property? Know your rights. The local CBS affiliate in Boston, WBZ-TV reported about problem consumers experienced with a national home-improvement chain:

“… the I-Team took a closer look at the Lowe’s home improvement contract, which required Sullivan to pay for her deck in full before work began, more than $12,000. “I was told that was the only way that they would do business,” explained Sullivan.

Ivy Schutt of Littleton said she was told the same story when she handed over $41,000 before any work began on her kitchen remodel. “I thought it was one-third, one-third, one-third. And they said that’s not Lowe’s policy,” said Schutt. Same story from Susan Bartzak-Graham of Newton…”

WBZ-TV didn’t stop there. It investigated further:

“The I-Team took the Lowe’s contract to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation to ask if it was legal. “As written now, no it is not,” said John Chapman, the Undersecretary of Consumer Affairs. “What was wrong with it, is that it was requiring consumers to pay 100-percent upfront and that’s not what the law states,” said Chapman.

The law states “any deposit… cannot exceed one-third of the total contract price” before work begins. Consumer Affairs immediately reached out to Lowe’s and Lowe’s agreed to make changes.”

The news report includes links to several important resources for consumers: the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contract Law, Required Home Improvement Contract Terms, how to check if a contractor has a license, and more.

Good. Kudos to WBZ-TV for looking out for consumers.