Bag-Share Program Coming To Boston

Boomerang bags logoThe Boomerang Bags Boston Sew-a-thon event will start on November 18!

Sierra Rothberg invites interested persons to participate and help spread the word. The goals are to assemble at least 250 reusable handmade bags this weekend and 1,000 bags before the New Year.

Why reusable handmade bags? Many local residents see a bag-share program as an important solution to fight pollution. The event page explains:

“The City of Boston has been debating banning single use plastic bags for over a year. Meanwhile, the streets of Boston as well as harbor, rivers, and streams drown in the 219 MILLION BAGS that are used in BOSTON each year! Only a small percentage of plastic bags used every year are recycled. One of the big concerns heard from opposition is that a bag ban would negatively affect low income residents as well as senior citizens.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Regardless of how the City votes on passing an ordinance, habits and practices need to change. We are launching the first BAG SHARE in Boston this Spring. The idea is that fabric, resources, space, time and people-power will be donated to create reusable cloth bags. These bags will be displayed at stores and people can take one from the box, use one or more and return it.”

A variety of activities are underway. To learn more about ways to participate, visit the local Dorchester event page, or visit the Boomerang Bags website.