Temporary Flood Barriers In Boston: How They Work

AquanFence. Atlantic Wharf Tower. Boston

Temporary flood barriers installed outside the Atlantic Wharf Tower in Boston

You may have heard about the new flood barriers some businesses in the Seaport District have installed to protect against flood damage. This NECN report explains:

“The portable flood barrier was on display Thursday outside Boston Properties’ Atlantic Wharf Tower. The four-foot-high panels are stored when they are not needed, but can go up in a matter of hours… Certain bricks are removed to help secure the barriers to the ground so when the water rises, it only strengthens the panels on the fence. The fence is sealed off at the last minute before a storm, but employees can still enter and exit the building with temporary walkways to cross over it.”

The portable flood barriers made by AquaFence can be used either outside or inside buildings; and inside tunnels. Founded in Norway in 1999, AquaFence sells its products worldwide. The company claims its products outperform sandbags and other temporary solutions.

Besides Atlantic Wharf in Boston, the barriers are used by a variety of agencies and companies: Massachusetts Port Authority, 1 World Trade Center (New York City), Teterboro Airport (New Jersey), a factory in Bangkok (Thailand), and more.

AquaFence. Massachusetts Port Authority

Temporary flood barriers installed outside a Massachusetts Port Authority building.